This book has six  stories.

Steven Stone - Improvised gear saves his bacon. So - for you, the reader, don't sweat having a ton of money to buy survival gear.  Go with what you can find.  Steve did.

Jim Mead - what will you do when traveling away from home and the SHTF?  Jim's story may have information for you to use, today.

Octavia Adairia Munroe Stone - A clever woman. (Yes, Steve's wife) Examines long term issues such as medical care and inter-family support.

Lyle Elkins
- set six years into the future after the First Strike, society is different.  Hams should like this one.

Mike Hardesty
- Everybody has a new way to make a living, even in the (restored) Republic of Texas  .A who done it, with a twist.

Sethur Silver - An orphan from Before. Ten years into the future, and the more things change, the more they stay the same.

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