The World of the Chërnyi is an ebook series by author D.K. Richardson with an exciting new twist on an old theme.The Earth and moon have been struck by a mysterious object. The series describes the ensuing societal upheaval and how the series protagonists attempt to carry on despite the chaos.

First Strike! follows three main characters as they cope with the chaos in a rural setting.

Going Home follows one family and others as they become part of the Government's attempt to restore order in urban areas.

Pedro Six Two follows the crewmen of the V-22 Osprey "Pedro Six Two" as they discover and deal with the disaster and breakdown of society.

Tales of the Chërnyi -- Based on reader feedback, this is a collection of six short stories set in the World of the Chernyi. It explores other areas impacted by the First Strike and looks at the possible future - a future in the World of the Chernyi. While a series of short stories, this book will introduce you to an entirely new set of characters.

Aftermath -- This story follows Lyle Elkins, Sherry Dorow and her brother Raleigh Dorow as they enter the deep South on a quest to find Major Naomi Dorow, the mother of Sherry and Raleigh.
In this book we explore some of the possible ways a society may may evolve to accommodate the changes forced by the first strike of the Chernyi. We also see the changes in and between the main characters.

The Fisher People -- Book six in the World of the Chernyi series.  This story follows three main characters living on the U.S. Gulf Coast - Mac, Annie and Dale.  All three have found different ways to cope with the wide scale disaster that has struck the planet earth.  Follow along as they not only survive the initial disaster, but assisit when Texas is invaded by brigands. Lots of action, both on and off the water.


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