This book is the sixth in my World of the Chërnyi series. It is also considerably longer than any of my earlier books. Written to be a stand alone tome, it looks at what might happen to the U.S. Gulf Coast after the First Strike of the Chërnyi.

Sometimes, a leasurly overnight sail to shakedown a boat before a delivery trip becomes something much more.  Follow Mac and Annie as they not only fight to survive to First Strike of the Chernyi, but later, the invasion of Texas by ultra-Nationists from Mexico.  There is plenty of action as these two and more familiar characters from the series battle the invaders.

You also meet Dale, an Air Force surveyor, who was taking a long weekend to practice for the 'Around Florida" race in his kayak.  Dale get far more in his trip.  See what happens as he tries to report for duty in the aftermath of chaos and a disintegrating National Government.

This story is set on the water along the Gulf Coast and inland on the Ten-Tom waterway.  Since boats may offer more mobility that other transport, I've set this story along large and small waterways.   Enjoy the ride!